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Hot Stamping Foil for Label

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Hot Stamping Foil, it is used to decorate lacquered wooden product, coated and all types of plastic such as ABS, AS, PS, PP, PC.

Size of Foil

  • Thickness: 16μ, 19μ, 25μ.
  • Width: 660mm *actual printable design width, 640mm
    Minimum quantity of Producing: 2000m per production.
    Using for writing instruments, packaging, frame of photo and clock, general household appliances, electronic home appliances promotional items and many others.

Metallic Foil

Metallized Foil: the best known Hot Stamping application, metallic foils provides a bright shiny metallic look to the finished print. Although gold and silver are most popular; metallic foils are available in a rainbow of colors & effects.

Metallic Foil construction

  • The release layer: this layer is made from wax that melts from specific temperature to release the printing layer from the carrier.
  • The protective layer: once the print medium is released from the carrier, then a layer is developed from this and is put onto the substrate. This lacquer layer is where the color is defined.
  • Imaging printing by gravure: be printed by element of the color.
  • The metallizing layer: the vacuum metallizing process is used to have a mirror image of the finished of the metallic foil.
  • Adhesive layer: this layer is to match up the foil to the decorated substrate so that it can be adhered to the part.