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In-Mold Foils

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An IMD foil is inserted into the foil feeding device and guided vertically between two air pressure rollers through the injection mold in registrant position to the part. Afterwards, it is rewinding on the rewinding roll by a feeding motor. The mold is closed.

The Jaeil IMD package offers security by:

  • Advice in designing the part geometry and decor selection
  • Construction, production, coordination and testing of specific IMD injection molds
  • Pilot and small-sized production run up to development of a complete IMD package for full production series with subsequent handling over to the customer
  • First trials at the customer with existing molds and neutral IMD foils.

Key Specifications/Special Features

  • Injection molding with simultaneous surface decoration
  • Multicolor decoration of 3-D plastic parts in one operation
  • Highest flexibility by fast exchange of most different decor foils
  • Low production costs by elimination of subsequent decoration steps.

For Use On

  • Automotive industry
  • Consume electronics industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Radio/TV industry
  • Computer industry
  • Clock and jewelry industry
  • Household appliances industry
  • Furniture industry